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Singapore and UK launch Partnership for the Future to broaden and deepen ties

2019 is a significant year for both Singapore and the United Kingdom, marking the Bicentennial of the founding of modern

Singapore and the beginning of a new era for the UK. The SG-UK Partnership for the Future builds on our historical

links by celebrating all that our nations are already achieving together and looks to the future by launching new

collaboration initiatives.


The partnership targets every level - government, businesses, academics and individuals through the four areas

that the Partnership focuses on - digital economy, sustainable business and innovation, security and defence

and education, culture and youth. 

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· 13 Feb 2019 (Spain)
Multisectoral brokerage event at Transfiere 2019

· 22 - 23 Feb 2019 (Singapore)
CaREhab 2019

· 26 Feb 2019 (Spain)
B2B meetings at Mobile World Congress 2019

· 18 Mar 2019 (Singapore)
Italian Delegation working visit to Singapore + B2B Matchmaking Session

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As a registered member of EEN-Singapore, you can submit Business Offers or Request to be uploaded onto the EEN-Singapore website as well as the global EEN website.

Business Offers

·       Singaporean smart vending machine manufacturer and operator seeking franchising agency agreement to expand into Europe

·       A Singapore-grown fresh fruit processing company is sourcing for wholesale raw fruits suppliers and fruit processing equipment via distribution services agreement(s).

·    A Singaporean water soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film manufacturer is looking for business partners from Europe via distribution agreement(s)

·       Singaporean manufacturer of health screening kiosks for office use seeks for distribution services agreements in Europe

·     A Singaporean company specialized in manufacturing and designing of scientific water quality test instruments used for fresh water and marine aquaria care is looking for distributors in Eastern Europe via distribution services agreement(s)

Technology Offers

·       Platform to evaluate the efficacy of skin care and personal care products

·       Rapid method for generating safe live attenuated vaccines for viral disease prevention

·       Photoplethysmography technology for non-invasive blood glucose detection and monitoring

·       Cost-effective remineralisation of purified sea water that reduces corrosive effects on water infrastructure

Technology Requests

·       Seeking technology partners to develop high-value applications using shipyard waste (copper slag)


As a registered member of EEN-Singapore, you can submit Expression of Interests (EOI) for partnering opportunities with European companies.

Business Offers

·    Slovenian company, engaged on the field of processing of food products from acorns – mainly acorn coffee and acorn flour is offering a Commercial Agency Agreement and Distribution Services Agreement. (Slovenia)

·  A Czech manufacturer of an alternative veterinary antibiotics based on silver molecules is looking for distribution or license partners. (Czech Republic)

· German manufacturer of equipment to support women in labour for delivery units and maternity wards is looking for international distributors (Germany)

Business Requests

·     A Spanish company seeks odontology products for distribution services agreement (Spain)

·     French company is looking for manufacturer of glass bottles (France)

Technology Offers

·   Solid-state, calibration-free pH sensor to be retrofitted into glass electrodes, or to be developed into new products for water monitoring and oceanography (United Kingdom)

·     An innovative more efficient mobile-charging cargo logistic model for the recharging of electric vehicles (Italy)

·     Collaborative platform for the integrated management of product information and food value chain interoperability (Spain)

Technology Requests

·     Contract manufacturer sought for innovative probiotic food (Germany)

·     Dried ingredients leaves separating technology (Lithuania)

·     Novel solutions sought for an unsinkable ship (United Kingdom)

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About EEN Singapore

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Singapore is a Consortium comprising Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) formed in June 2015. It is a national initiative that promotes Europe-Singapore business, technology and research partnerships.

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