Italian-Slovak Gastrotour 2017

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Italian - Slovak Gastrotour 2017 will be a partnering event organised during Danubius Gastro exhibition, that presents a comprehensive offer for gastronomy and hotel industry, ranging from professional equipment through furniture, foodstuffs and beverages to packaging and advertising. A collective attendance of foreign exhibitors offers the visitors a chance to get a taste of various national culinary specialties and drinks. Danubius Gastro is a feast for all those who are interested in the presented fields, either as experts or laymen. In addition to pleasing the senses, it brings a plethora of useful information for hotels, restaurants, spas and different types of gastronomy facilities and retailers. Side events with competitions for bartenders, baristas, cooks, confectioners, bakers and sommeliers form an inseparable part of the Danubius Gastro exhibition.
Event will be mainly focused on participants from Italy and Slovakia, but it is open also to other participants from other countries as well.
Vysoká škola ekonómie a manažmentu verejnej správy
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vysoká škola ekonómie a manažmentu verejnej správy
Furdekova 16
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Peter Kopkáš
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Peter Kopkáš
+421 2 5441 7515
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