Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) welcomed the delegation from Romania lead by the South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency of Romania on the 30th October 2018. A business-to-business meeting session was organized by SMF to provide local companies a valuable opportunity to meet with representatives from Romania and to provide a platform for business discussions between Singapore companies and Romanian Companies. A majority of the Singapore companies participated in the meeting expressed interest in creating potential business partnerships with Romanian companies and that SMF provided a platform for Singapore companies to meet up with European companies through the efforts of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Singapore.

The South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency of Romania is a non-profit, non-governmental entity of public utility with the scope to implement the regional development policy in Romania’s South-West Oltenia region. The specific aims of the South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency includes the social and economic infrastructure and environmental protection, encouraging local initiatives and attracting foreign investors in to the region. The South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency aims to implement economic and social cohesion policies, promotes and implements development programs and provides the necessary services for community and investors to maximize economic and social benefits to the region. To know more about the agency, do visit the hyperlink :


For more details on future business-to-business meetings with European companies and EEN, please contact:

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