Intellectual Property Intermediary


“To Enable Enterprise Grow Their Business Through Technology And Innovation”


IPI was established by MTI to help enterprises grow their business through innovation and the use of technology. Through our close contact with the industry and extensive international networks, IPI promotes collaboration between technology seekers and providers under the Open Innovation model to develop new and innovative products and services.

Connecting Enterprises to Innovation

Enterprises often face challenges such as limited access to technology and information, technology transfer and translation gap, as well as lack of awareness and access of available public funding and test-bedding opportunities. IPI is dedicated to helping enterprises close the gaps and grow their business through the use of enabling technology and innovation. We do this through our team of technology specialists, online and physical marketplaces and network of global technology providers. With a thorough understanding of the enterprises’ needs, we assess, scan, source and match enabling technology to enterprises for successful licensing, research collaboration or business collaboration outcomes. We also facilitate links to available public grant schemes and test-bedding resources to accelerate the adoption of new technology by the enterprises.

Our technology areas of focus include: 

  • Infocomm & Electronics
  • Healthcare & Personal Care
  • Materials & Nanotech
  • Energy & Environment
  • Robotics
  • Functional Printing


Extensive International Networks

IPI has established a network of international and local technology partners (tech transfer offices, intermediaries, technology developers, enterprises, start-ups etc). Our unique enterprise demand-driven approach complements the technology offer-driven approach of our technology partners by effectively and efficiently matching the industry needs to the technology offers. IPI’s close relationship and easy access to the industry, trade associations and government agencies in Singapore facilitates linkages and successful collaboration outcomes. By joining IPI’s network as a Technology Partner, tech transfer offices, intermediaries or companies with innovative & ready-to-market technologies can reach out to a wide audience of technology seekers.


Online Marketplace

IPI hosts an online technology marketplace, featuring a vast database of Technology Offers and Needs from our network of global partners and clients. This is a useful platform for successful matching of technology seekers and providers. Check out the latest Technology Offers and Technology Needs at


TechInnovation - A Premier Brokerage Event in Singapore

IPI organizes the annual TechInnovation, a premier industry-to-technology brokerage event and marketplace that brings together international technology providers and technology seekers to accelerate the commercialisation of emerging technologies, seed licensing opportunities and foster open innovation collaborations.


Since 2012, over 5000 delegates and exhibitors from leading corporate tech scouts, technology developers, tech transfer offices, intermediaries, MNCs, SMEs and public agencies from more than 30 countries have participated in TechInnovation. To know more, please visit