EEN Singapore

The Enterprise Europe Network Singapore Centre (EEN Singapore) is one of the EEN partners located outside of Europe. EEN Singapore’s main objective is to promote and assist businesses, technology and research & development partnerships between Singapore and European companies. It is a Consortium formed by Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Enterprise Singapore and Intellectual Property Intermediary Singapore (IPI Singapore). The partners in the Consortium have different specialized strengths and expertise to ensure the efficient running of EEN Singapore as well as to comprehensively cover the full spectrum of available partnership programs. Through EEN Singapore, Singapore companies will be able to tap on the branding of EEN to gain exclusive access to the network-partners-only database; which contains over 10,000 business proposals from around the world.


EEN Singapore focuses on the following activities to promote and facilitate partnership agreements between Singapore and European companies :

  • Promote strategic business partnerships among EU and Singapore companies
  • Organize business matching and trade exhibitions to/fro Europe
  • Organize business matching sessions between Singapore companies and incoming European mission delegates
  • Publishing Singapore companies’ profiles into EEN Singapore’s database
  • Seminars and outreach events to create awareness of EEN Singapore among the business community
  • Matching Singapore companies’ proposal with the opportunities in the Partnering Opportunity Database (POD)
  • Connect Singapore companies to EU